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HNGE-3 Product Overview

Fitting a transparent hinged cover to a call point provides additional protection from accidental operation. They are particularly useful in high traffic areas such as stairwells and corridors in schools and public buildings, where the volume of traffic can result in accidental operation of the call point causing nuisance alarms.

With the addition of the hinged cover seal, which consists of a breakable polypropylene tie down, the incidence of malicious false alarms can also be reduced, as to operate the device the seal must first be broken. This will deter the casual vandal whilst the device remains operable to the more determined user. All MCP indoor call points and WCP outdoor call points can be fitted with these accessories. The hinged cover can also be customer branded. For more details please contact our sales department.

Hinged Cover (PS200) & Hinged Cover Seals (SC083)

• Range of accessories to provide protection against accidental damage and extra security

• Fully compatible with all call points

• Customised branding available

MCP3 Product Overview

Installation efficiency, flexibility and full compliance with the latest standards are at the heart of the new MCP indoor call point range.

Installation time and ultimately cost, are of paramount importance to any fire or security installer. The MCP range directly reflects this need by providing a unique ‘plug and play’ concept designed specifically to reduce installation time. All new MCP products utilise a special terminal block, where all initial installation cabling is terminated. This terminal block is then simply connected to the back of the MCP. Simple, but effective, with no re-termination required and no time wasted.

Through new standards and legislation, both break glass and resettable operating elements can now be used within a manual call point. To provide you with the greatest ‘flex-ability’, the new MCP range can be configured as either a break glass or resettable unit by simply changing from one element to another. No other additional parts or alternative products need to be ordered.

All MCP indoor call point products also help preserve the integrity of the overall system as illegal removal of the product lid will result in the call point operating and the system going into alarm.

Full compliance with the latest standards is essential and the new MCP indoor call point range is fully approved to the latest EN54-11 standard (compliant markings only). The MCP3A product version is supplied with one normally open and one normally closed contact. Selecting either the “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed” contact is easily achieved by simply connecting the terminal block to the required connection in the back of the MCP3 Product. Single pole changeover switching can be achieved with the use of two terminal blocks.

Product Benefits

• Unique ‘Plug & Play’ installation concept
• Total ‘Flex-Ability’ in the choice of operating element
• Anti-Tamper facility
• Enhanced aesthetics
• Fully approved to the latest standards
• Backward compatibility
• CPD Approved

Smoke Vent Range Overview

Product Overview

• EN12101-9 approved, orange coloured MCP indoor call points

• Suitable for use as a manual activation device in smoke control management systems

• Wide range of configurations

• Also available as keyswitches & push buttons

Indoor Call Points
Range of conventional indoor call points with glass or
resettable elements

MCP1 – Resistor and clean contact electrical model, supplied with resistor and normally open contact

MCP2 – LED indicator as standard with resistor and normally open contact

MCP3 – Normally open & normally closed contact. Single pole changeover achieved with two terminal blocks

MCP4 – Double pole changeover contacts

Ancillary Devices
Choice of switching devices for indoor automation and control solutions. Some variants are available for outdoor solutions

Keyswitch Model (K**) – two and three position key options, key trapped or removable in each position

Rockerswitch Model (9200) – two and three positions, momentary or latched mechanisms, and LED indicator version available

Pushbutton Model – miniature (9300) and shrouded (9400) versions. Momentary action or latching

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