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AOV Systems Roof Access Hatches. Designed to meet and exceed all expectations operationally and aesthetically.

SLA Range

The AOV Systems CUMULUS Access Hatch was designed to be an easy to operate solution to roof access.

SLA Range of Single Flap Access Hatches. Offering Single Aluminium, Double Insulated Aluminium, Polycarbonate and Thermal break in the aluminium profiles: SLA-A (Aluminium), SLA-DI (Double Insulated Aluminium 20mm), SLA-DI (Double Insulated Aluminium 50mm), SLA-P16 C/O (16mm Clear or Opal), SLA-P25 C/O (25mm Clear or Opal), SLA-P32 C/O (32mm Clear or Opal), SLA-TB (available on Double Insulated Aluminium and polycarbonate 25mm and 32mm)

SLA Product Overview

CUMULUS SLA Access Hatch is built entirely with aluminium and has options for different lid materials. Using gas springs, the hatch lid is lightweight and will not retract without the users interface. The SLA Access Hatch is the ideal solution for roof access for installation and maintenance. The SLA can be designed to a wide range of dimensions to suit all roof openings and access needs.

Typical Applications

For installation onto roof with a primary role of roof access and maintenance access.


Aluminium; tempered, sea water and corrosion resistant AlMg3 and extruded aluminium profiles for the frames.

The aluminium is supplied untreated as standard. Free of silicones.


Roof opening width W: 500 -1500 mm

Roof opening length L: 600 – 1200 mm

Other dimensions available upon request

Opening Angle

Individual adjustments from 0° up to 90°


Standard manual opening with lateral gas springs

M230V / M24V Electric motors

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